Latest version: 1.2 – Released 16, Jan 2017

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For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 10 and Microsoft® Outlook® 2007-2016


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Total Downloads: 3,786
Downloads this month: 3


Version 1.2 – Jan 16, 2017

– Added: Support for Office 2016
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed: Scrolling problem in the Macro Editor on Windows 10
– Fixed: Logo was broken on Macro Editor

Version 1.1 – Aug 14, 2015

– Added: New Graphical Editor to modify hotkeys!

Version 1.0 – Aug 12, 2015

– Support for Outlook 2013
– Updated Logo
– Added ability to print the Cheat Sheet
– Updated Help PDF file
Bug Fixes:
– Bulk Macro status windows didn’t always appear over Outlook
– Fixed: Major bug preventing CustomFilter from working after successful move
– Fixed: Pressing ESC or Close Window during Add Task From This Email macro now ends the wizard properly.
– Fixed: Replaced two progress windows with a single one
– Fixed: Help window button to open local help made clearer
– Fixed: Added logo to Macro Failed window
– Fixed bug: Bulk macro GUI windows were not always on top of Outlook.
– Fixed initial AutoGTD.ini file creation
– Detected if ScriptDir AutoGTD.ini file is not writable and uses AppData instead
– Fixed missing logo images when not running portably
– Fixed initial help prompt
– Fixed problem where Cheat Sheet would show “ERROR” instead of hotkey on initial run
– Minor bug fixes

Version 0.9 – May 2, 2012

– Added installer
– Moved files out of AutoGTD.exe and into same directory
– If installed AutoGTD.ini file now kept in users Roaming directory so they can edit it
– Added detection to see if AutoGTD.ini file is local to AutoGTD.exe to default into portable mode

Version 0.8 – Apr 20, 2012

– Added progress bars to CustomFilter Macro.
– Create Task from Email
– Create a new Task in current folder
– Filter for unread messages
– Focus on Search bar
– Search for email in all folders
– Show unread emails in all folders
– Set Reminder on email from 30 minutes to 9 hours
– Set Reminder on email from 1 day to 7 days
– Modified Cheat Sheet to be 3 columns wide
– Added Flag Email hotkey
– Added Open Context Menu hotkey
– Added Open Address Book hotkey
– Set reminder for 1-7 days and auto-archive
– Close all secondary window hotkey: New Message, Message, Task, Calendar, etc.
Bug Fixes:
– Focus on Inbox was not restored after CreateTaskFromEmail()
– Set Reminder on Email was broken for Outlook 2007 or lower
– Rewrote Jump to Folder code
– Fixed Open Categories for Outlook 2010

Version 0.7 – Unreleased due to a critical bug

– Create a new Task in current folder
– Create Task from Email

Version 0.6 – Mar 20, 2012

– Support for Outlook 2010
– Many new macros
Bug Fixes:
– Many bug fixes

Version 0.5 – Jun 11, 2010

Initial release supporting Outlook 2007/2003

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